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Each year, thousands of tourists from around the world travel to Prague, making it the most popular travel destination in Central Europe. Known as “The Golden City” and the “City of A Hundred Spires”, Prague is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and majestic cities in all of Europe, and this beauty is what makes Prague travel so common.

A small city by European standards, Prague is nonetheless filled with an amazing array of architectural gems from almost every historic era. That combined with the fact that it is one of the few cities that was never bombed during World War I or II makes Prague an absolutely stellar example of European architecture through the ages. Prague’s medieval Old Town Square is one of the best preserved of its kind in Europe, and certainly one of the most popular Prague travel destinations. Likewise, the haunting Charles Bridge and majestic Prague Castle are two of the city’s prime tourist attractions and most beautiful scenic spots.

Prague has a rich Jewish history that is preserved in Josefov, its Jewish quarter. There are several historic synagogues preserved here, in the old area where Jewish culture once flourished. The Old Jewish Cemetery is also a popular Prague attraction, with its tilted headstones stacked in uneven rows on a small back alley.

Prague is also famous for its beer culture. Having invented the Pilsner, Czechs are very proud of their beer heritage and take beer tasting and brewing very seriously. Because of this, Prague is filled with cozy pubs that boast some of the freshest Czech pilsners and lagers in the country. Along with this comes Prague’s cuisine, which is a hearty type of fare that consists mostly of bread and potato dumplings, roasted meats, goulash and other foods typical of Central Europe. Alongside this simple but tasty Czech fare are numerous international restaurants that boast eclectic menus that can compete with the highest European standards.

Furthermore, it is incredibly cheap to travel to Prague, since the Czech Republic has not adopted the Euro and has maintained its relatively costs of living. Shopping in Prague is, therefore, cheap too and there are numerous wonderful Prague souvenirs to buy, such as Bohemian crystal and handmade puppets.

Prague’s nightlife is very busy. It has long been a popular destination for backpackers and party-goers who have been attracted by its cheap drinks and late hours. However, Prague’s nightlife is evolving to include upscale lounges, thumping nightclubs, serene wine bars and hip coffeehouses that together offer an excellent array of choices for every type of nightcrawler.

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